Tara Medina Real Estate Zihuatanejo, Mexico

An appreciation post for our friends Tara Medina and her Real Estate Agency in beautiful Zihuatanejo, Mexico and her husband Andres Saavedra and his fantastic architectural projects. 

If you are looking to buy property in Mexico, or just to spend your next vacation in sunny Mexico, look no further then Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Nested in a gorgeous bay, tropical lush hills with fantastic views, incredible restaurants and amazing friendly people, Zihuatanejo is a rare gem, not crowded, and not similar to other popular tourist destinations. Relaxation, direct contact with nature and local culture, smooth sandy beaches, mixed with boutique hotels and incredible restaurants makes Zihuatanejo the place to be, and it will make you wanting to go back for more. 

Tara and Andres are working hard to make this place even a better place, and they truly have a passion for Zihuatanejo and its surroundings with the outmost desire to improve and continue to beatify the already spectacular Zihuatanejo. For any real estate needs, whether buying the perfect vacation property or to rent a unit in paradise, contact Tara and you won't be disappointed. I strongly support her services in this magical town.

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