It is NOT about the pictures, it IS about the VALUE


If you are a Listing Agent, you know the importance of Professional Pictures for your listings.

It helps the Listing Agent in getting MORE LISTINGS in the future, because of the VALUE of the marketing material.


Showcase light and color

HDR Blending techniques

All of my picture receive the same exceptional treatment in post production, in order to achieve a brilliant result with consistency. 


Inspire Relaxation

capture the moment

The soul never think without a picture, and every home picture describe a lifestyle. Your potential client know when they identify themselves with what they clearly see.

Backyard Bliss

picture yourself here!

I believe in "less is More". Posting just enough exceptional pictures to get people off their chairs, wanting to see more! 

Quality and not quantity.

Promote your Listing

i want to work with you!

Statistics are pretty clear about professional photos WILL sell a house faster, but the real VALUE is in the forward thinking. The 150k condo gets the same treatment then a 5M house, and the Agent's name is attached to a brand and looking appealing and consistent.

Available in all North Sound Seattle/Eastside Area

My focus is on you, my client, typically a Real Estate Agent. I strive to meet your needs and to work together as a brand for quality and consistency in every Listing.

On your next Listing please consider my services, they will improve your image and help you in establishing a larger client base. 

I am available to work with you in Downtown Seattle, North Seattle, North King County/Eastside and Snohomish county.

Available in all North Sound Seattle/Eastside Area


If you are an owner or an executive manager of a business, like a restaurant or a boutique hotel, then my Photographic services will enhance your property, boosting your website appearance and or your marketing material. Please contact me to discuss possible solutions for your business.


Available in Zihuatanejo, Mexico upon request

If you are looking for the most spectacular properties in warm Mexico, look no further then Zihuatanejo. A small fishing village, nested in a perfect shaped bay,  with fantastic views provided by lush tropical hills  and a relaxing atmosphere. Go check it out! The weather is perfect, a great splash of sun in the winter months and a multitude of luxurious boutique hotels and sophisticated condominiums. For any Real Estate needs, buying or renting, I would like to strongly recommend the services of Tara Medina Real Estate at