M i r c o   P i a z z i

I was born and raised in Italy and always loved great pictures and clean details. Moved to USA in 1995 and currently living in Mill Creek, Washington. 

The passion from Photography came from my beloved father and from our intensive world traveling. Wanting to captures those moments all over the world is what started the love for pictures. 

 I shoot Real Estate Photography as a desire to showcase the beauty of a home regardless of the size, location and value. Every home as a new owner waiting to be discovered and my pictures are the needed message. 

I am sure , as a professional Real Estate Listing Agent, you know the importance of quality professional pictures as a central component to home marketing. It increases effectivness of web marketing and print media. It helps improve your portfolio and makes you compete for more listings when presenting to a  new potential client.

It's not about the pictures, but about the Value to the Listing Agent. My service should be an Asset rather then an expense. Statistics are pretty clear about professional photos will sell a house faster, but the real value is in the forward thinking. The 150k condo gets the same treatment then a 5M house, and the Agent's name is attached to a brand and looking appealing and consistent.

Customer service and client satisfaction is my number one priority,  

If you are a professional Listing Agent, please contact me and see what I can do for your business! 

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you